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Cooking with a pressure cooker is one of the best ways to drastically reduce cooking times for things such as soups, stews and tough cuts of meat. Many home cooks avoid using these devices, as they are unfamiliar with how they work or are not really sure what things to cook. Here are some tips for using a pressure cooker that will help you realize the many benefits of using this device.


Properly Using Your Pressure Cooker

Before doing anything with your pressure cooker you need to familiarize yourself with how to use it. You should carefully read the owner’s manual that came with your device to get specific instructions for safe use. Most pressure cooker recipes are for long cooking items like stews, soups and chewy cuts of meat, but you can also use it for vegetables and other food items. Be sure to use good recipes to get the exact cooking times. You should also be sure to know how much liquid to use in your particular pressure cooker, as this is a big part of using the device successfully.

 Pressure Cooker Storage and Upkeep

You should always be sure to store your pressure cooker with the lid off, which will prevent it from trapping any nasty odors that could ruin your next meal. You should be sure to thoroughly clean your device after each use, being careful to clean the rim of the lid as well as the rubber seal. You should also rub the rubber seal with oil before and after each use, which will help extend its life and make sure you get a good seal.

 Tips for Using your Pressure Cooker

Using a pressure cooker is not nearly as difficult as some people think, but here are some tips that will help you get the most from your device:


-Always read the manufacturer’s instructions and follow all the instructions carefully, as not all pressure cookers are the same. 

-While you may be able to use more liquid than the recipe recommends, you should never use less, as this can damage the device.

-Follow recipes for specific cooking times

-Be sure you understand how to properly close and lock the lid before putting it on the heat

 -Be sure to time your cooking to avoid overcooking your food, which can happen very fast in a pressure cooker

 -Once the right amount of pressure has been built, turn the temperature down and give the pot a shake to disperse the internal heat

 -Try to cut your food into equal sizes so that it will cook evenly and all items will finish at the same time

 -You should consider reducing salt and other seasoning levels, since pressure cooking will concentrate the flavors, making them stronger

 -You can cook your food on a rack inside of the pressure cooker if you would like it to not take on the flavor of the liquid. If you want to  inject flavor into your food then you should cook it directly in a stock, juice or broth.

 -If you are cooking foods such as lentils or beans, which will froth and expand, then be sure not to fill the device more than halfway.

 -If you want to reduce pressure quickly, then run your cooker under cold water until the pressure disperses.

 Cooking with a pressure cooker does not have to be a daunting task. If you learn how to use your device and follow these tips then you will be able to cook all sorts of foods in your pressure cooker. Now is the time to get started reaping the benefits of using a pressure cooker.